4 thoughts on “Film by Samuel Beckett”

  1. If only I had a fast internet connection.
    What did you think of it?
    I read the screenplay ages ago but still haven’t seen it.


    Film was the only work that Beckett wrote specifically for the cinema. Starring Buster Keaton, and featuring no dialogue or music (just one ?shhh?), Beckett explores the eighteenth century Irish philosopher Berkeley?s dictum that ?to be is to be perceived?. Keaton attempts to elude the camera eye, only ultimately to discover that it is his own. Film was directed by Alan Schneider under the personal supervision of Beckett, who travelled to New York to be present through the shooting.


  2. It was very odd, not least because Keaton’s “Man” keeps his back to the camera through most of it. There’s some funny stuff when he tires to put his cat and dog outside the room and every time he opens the door one of the other of them runs back in.

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