The Mascot, a film by Wladyslaw Starewicz


A recent interview with the Brothers Quay mentioned The Mascot (1933), a Starewicz animation I’d not seen, so here it is. IMDB has a summary:

A toy stuffed dog has just been sewn together when it hears a young child ask for an orange. The child’s mother explains that they have no money, and so she cannot buy any oranges. The dog is then packed up along with a box full of other toys to be sold, but it soon winds up in the street. The dog picks up an orange from a curbside stand, and hopes to take it home to the child. But that night, before the dog can get back to the child’s home, it must face a series of strange and frightening adventures.

A toy’s separation from its owner followed by a fraught journey home is essentially the plot of all the Toy Story films, but Starewicz’s short is rather more grotesque than anything you’ll get from Pixar, especially in the carnivalesque second half. There’s a choice of viewing (and quality) at YouTube, Ubuweb or the Internet Archive.