Bill Travis revisited


“Todd,” backlit alternative process photo with wax, 28 x 41 in., 2017.

Bill Travis was in touch last week to let me know about his new website which showcases his latest artwork. Travis’s photographs of male bodies. pastoral views and cityscapes are processed in a manner that gives them a painted finish, with the prints being further backlit to create the luminosity commonly associated with stained-glass windows. It’s a beautiful effect that enhances the inherent beauty of the images. Some of the prints are available for purchase.


“Dancers 1,” backlit alternative process photo with wax and oil paint, 22 x 18 in., 2019.


“Receive Me Darkness” (artist book), pp. 36-37, mixed media, 24 x 36 in., 2021.

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  1. Beautiful strong images Bill. Receive me Darkness has a powerful ,enigmatic quality, a sort of ambiguity that is indestructible and alluring.

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