Everyman and Other Plays by John Austen


Given the religious theme I ought to have posted this last week. Everyman and Other Plays (1925) is a collection of three medieval plays—Everyman, The Nativity and The Shepherd’s Play—illustrated by British artist John Austen. The scans are from a recent auction at eBay by silver-gryph, some of whose other book scans have appeared here in the past. Austen was a prolific illustrator but many of his books have been out of print for decades, and the drawings can be hard to find online. This is one volume I’d not seen before, not as impressive as some of his earlier works but the minimal colouring works well. The printed book will look a lot more striking since the dull greenish tones are gold ink. There are more plates and vignettes on the auction page. (As before, thanks to Nick for the tip!)




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