The Dreamlands: A Lovecraftian film


A crowd-funding goal has been announced for The Dreamlands, a feature film set in the worlds of HP Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle which, if it goes ahead, will be director Huan Vu’s second Lovecraftian feature. His first, Die Farbe (2010), is an excellent adaptation of The Colour Out of Space which impressed me with its atmosphere and its serious attitude towards the material, qualities that you can’t always rely on where horror cinema is concerned.

The Dreamlands will of necessity be more fantastical and so warrants a larger budget, hence the funding bid. I was asked to contribute to the production side of this late last year but prior commitments intervened, not least all the work I was doing on Lovecraft’s Monsters. I did find time to design the star symbol that’s being used to promote the film, however, and there’s talk at the moment of my working on some of the gifts for the funders in the higher brackets. More about that later. Watch the teasers, they’re very good.

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