Hector Guimard elevations


Design for the Facade of Societé Immobilière de la Rue Modern, No. 6 (1909).

Drawings by French architect and designer Hector Guimard (1867–1942), the man who gave Paris those plant-like entrances to the Metro stations. The examples here can be seen in greater detail at the Google Art Project where there’s a few more of his works including his typically organic smoking bench. One thing I like about the architectural drawings is seeing the way he stylised his lettering. Frank Lloyd Wright used to do the same on his plans but I doubt there are any architects today who do the same.


Elevation of an Apartment Building, Société Immobilière, rue Moderne (now rue Agar) (1909–11).


Rear Facade, Castel d’Orgeval, Parc Beauséjour, near Paris: Elevation (1904).


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