Josh Simpson’s glass planets



American glass artist Josh Simpson takes the paperweight-as-miniature-world to its logical conclusion by creating series of hyper-detailed spheres he calls Planets. He continues the extraterrestrial theme by also creating his own version of tektite meteor glass (below) embellished with iridescent interiors. His site is worth a browse for other glass artefacts such as his Inhabited Vases and I like the colourless glass bubble pieces. Finally, he has details of an ongoing project to hide his Planets in various remote places around the world with the intention of surprising future inhabitants or archaeologists. If that sounds intriguing, you can get involved here.



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  1. I have it from a good source that Mr. Simposin buries his inhabited planets (and possibly other works of art) in every city he visits. My hometown is very likely fertile ground. He prefers parks and out of the way locations. Do you feel lucky?

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