Fabulas Panicas by Jodorowsky


August 13th, 1967.

More psychedelia of a sort although it’s arguable whether Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cosmic surrealism can ever be pigeon-holed so easily. Fabulas Panicas (Panic Fables) is a comic strip that Jodorowsky was writing and drawing for a Mexican newspaper in the late Sixties. The text is all in Spanish, of course, but going by the visuals in the examples gathered on this site the concerns seem to be the usual Jodorowsky fare. Jay Babcock who provided the tip (thanks Jay!) interviewed Jodorowsky in 2003 and the conversation touched on this as well as his other comic works.


June 9th, 1968.

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4 thoughts on “Fabulas Panicas by Jodorowsky”

  1. great stuff. what a renaissance man – i’ve been listening to his music a lot the last couple of weeks, and thinking I should re-watch his films, but I should have guessed that he dabbled with graphics as well.
    thanks for the link

  2. I found these yesterday but was too busy ranting about psychedelia to look into them. Amazing how they seem to predict alot of modern underground comic art.Truly beautiful. Just wish i could read Spanish!

  3. I was thinking of him today as I attended the lovely little exhibition at the British Museum, Revolution on Paper’ and knew what when I saw El Top (one of about five or six people in the theatre the night it opened in Toronto) he was continuing a tradition of the mystic, metaphysical that inhabits Mexican art at so many levels. It is woven in it’s ancient history and from the strands of a very different culture.

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