Heaven and Hell Calendar


It was only a week ago I announced a new calendar for 2009 and now here’s an additional CafePress creation which manages to offer more than another collection of Lovecraft illustrations. This is a sampling of my work from the past few years gathered under the vague rubric of Heaven and Hell. A couple of pieces are variations on earlier designs reworked so as to fit the square page format. Details follow below.


1: Angel Passage (CD cover)
2: The Lucid View (detail; book cover)
3: MBV Arkestra (magazine cover)
4: Emissaries (CD cover)
5: Snakes and Ladders (CD cover)
6: Salomé
7: Fallen Angel
8: The Highbury Working (CD cover)
9: Acid Mothers Temple (poster design)
10: Steps of Descent (CD cover)
11: Metal Sushi (detail; book cover)
12: “Mirage in time—image of long-vanish’d pre-human city” (detail)

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5 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell Calendar”

  1. Thanks Nathalie. That was a small and messy acrylic painting which became a lot better with some extra work in Photoshop.

  2. so can i pop down the corner to buy one? (bearing in mind Im in New Zealand)
    or is it just from you via credit card?

  3. I don’t have any of these, they’re all CafePress things. CP is an American print on demand service which creates products from uploaded artwork when someone places an order.

    The convenience is that I don’t have to pay out $$$ in advance for stuff which then might only sell a few copies. The disadvantage for customers is that the products tend to be costly due to their initial start price, you have to pay extra shipping if you’re outside the US and (last time I looked) it’s CC-only, no Paypal.

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