Planet by Marc Quinn


Planet by Marc Quinn. Photo by Christopher Furlong.

Marc Quinn’s remarkable sculpture is one of several pieces by different artists (including Salvador Dalí) being displayed in the gardens of Chatsworth House until November 2, 2008. I much prefer this to Quinn’s recent works which have gained attention almost solely for having Kate Moss as their model. A floating baby with a stellar name can’t help but remind me of another weightless infant with a cosmic genesis.


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7 thoughts on “Planet by Marc Quinn”

  1. I was wondering that. It’s undoubtedly hollow and probably very light. Then I imagine that beneath the hand there’s a long metal pole going down some way into the earth.

  2. Ive just been to see this – the exhibition at Chatsworth – very interesting and beautiful surroundings.The whole garden had the atmosphere of some strange futuristic hippy enclave, perhaps like the one in “Zardoz”. at least it did if you ignored all the pensioners and foreign students and school trips……….hmm….perhaps it was just my over active imagination….
    My boyfriend freaked when he saw the Dali sculpture they have there,but my favourite was the 30ft distorted hare that towers over one of the lakes like some pagan god. Awesome.

  3. Lucky you, getting over there. I was thinking myself that the gardens looked like a great setting for this kind of thing. And I noticed that giant hare on the Chatsworth website, another great piece.

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