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The art of Michel Henricot


Voyageur IV (1995).

Born in Paris in 1941, he confesses to being largely “…self-taught. I was always at the Louvre, staring like crazy at the pictures there, fascinated by ‘how it’s done’.” … (Leonor) Fini’s works from the 60s influenced, to a degree, the young Henricot. Depicted in a hieratic style with underlying geometrical forms, her graceful elongated figures seem to exist in timeless spaces that are dark and densely atmospheric. Henricot’s earliest figures also have this graceful quality, but were more stylized and cybernetic, with ergonomic designs on their metallic skins. Sometimes they remained mere torsos, lacking hands to grasp or feet to stand. (More.)


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  1. #1 posted by Nathalie


    Funny, before I read the article I did think that this first painting had a Fini feel to it. I love that dragonfly-like skeleton.

  2. #2 posted by Thombeau



  3. #3 posted by John


    His treatment of figures is also similar to De Es Schwertberger although I tend to prefer Henricot’s work, especially his barbed angel figures.

  4. #4 posted by Wiley


    Similar to Ernst Fuchs or maybe something out of Tool’s later videos.

  5. #5 posted by John


    Yes, Fuchs and the aforementioned De Es seem to have launched a sub-genre of mineral transmutation.

  6. #6 posted by the other andrew


    Do you know if he ever published work in Omni magazine? The third pic in particular looks very familiar, and has a real Omni feel to it.

  7. #7 posted by John


    Hi Andrew. That’ll be De Es Schwertberger you’re thinking of. They used quite a few of his pictures of stone figures and floating lumps of rock.

  8. #8 posted by Jan K. Kapera


    Hi John, Michel is taking part in my show at CFM gallery in NYC, Flesh and Passion. The Torment odf Saint Sebastian. May 8th june 4th, 2008. Best, Jan K. Kapera, JKK Fine Arts

    link: http://www.jkkfinearts.com/exhibitions/SaintSebastian.pdf






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