Witness my hand and official seal


Anxious purchasers of the lavish Lovecraft art book from Centipede Press may like to know that the European signing sheets have arrived here safely ready to be scrawled upon by yours truly. I was surprised to find that these are big pages which means this book is going to be a real monster in all senses of the word, and certainly worth every dollar of its considerable cost. And I was pleased to find myself listed on the same sheet as the great Ian Miller, an artist I had the pleasure of meeting some years ago and whose Lovecraft covers for the Panther Horror series in the Seventies went some way to inspiring my own efforts a few years later.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s still a lot more sheets to sign…

2 thoughts on “Witness my hand and official seal”

  1. The book has been delayed again until April. This pisses me off, but if from what you’ve seen, it looks so promising then it will undoubtedly be worth the long wait.

  2. It looks very promising indeed since the print quality is excellent and the paper is heavyweight, coated stock.

    I haven’t heard what the delay is from Centipede but I’d bet the signing sheets have something to do with it. I’ve done this before with a multi-contributor book and it takes ages sending the sheets round to everyone. This box has to go to Germany next then on to Switzerland, having been on the road for a couple of months already. So, yeah, patience…

    Another thing: Harlan Ellison (who’s done the intro) had some proof sheets on his site briefly, mostly pages from the earlier artists. This is a really complete overview of Lovecraft illustrated, pretty much definitive in terms of including the major Lovecraft artists from Weird Tales on. I’m really looking forward to seeing it, it will be worth the wait (and weight!).

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