New things for November


So then, where were we? There’s a few things to catch up with… First up, a recent design of mine for CD and vinyl has been released this month, Underwater Dancehall by Pinch, an acclaimed dubstep album from Bristol. I was very pleased at the way this came out, not least because of the excellent photos by Liz Eve I was given to use.


Then a couple of gratuitous plugs: Thom sent me a copy of his Arcanta CD, Book of Mirrors, this week. The luscious cover art is by Philip Shadbolt and you can learn more about Arcanta at their MySpace page. And Mr PK (who you should know now from BibliOdyssey) has a book out this month, a paper approximation of his excellent pictorial smorgasbord. PK denies his book is the perfect present for Christmas and discusses his book and blog at 3quarksdaily.

2 thoughts on “New things for November”

  1. Yes it is Thom, and thanks for sending it! Now I see why you like Lisa Gerrard so much… Good to see the mention of that Jarboe album, I really like her songs.

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