The recurrent pose 6


Further examples of the Flandrin pose from photographer Amat Nimitpark. Not sure what’s going on in the picture above but the scene below finds a use for a nearly-nude male that would no doubt have surprised Jean Hippolyte Flandrin. Needless to say, I can think of a few other uses for this blue-eyed boy…


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5 thoughts on “The recurrent pose 6”

  1. Book stopper ?
    He IS cute (although my heart REALLY goes to the boots).
    Not too sure what is the other one doing: Clutching some type of sponge or oversized poodle wig ?

  2. Those boots are wild, very 1960s. If you wear those you should only be allowed to drive a Mini Cooper. Or a white E-type Jag like Diabolik.

  3. I didn’t but thanks for the tip, Nathalie. I already have the Region 1 DVD which seems to have the same extras as the UK one, including the Beastie Boys’ vid.

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