4 thoughts on “Return of the local bookshop”

  1. Am all in favour.
    Most chain stores sell books like they would sell cans of soup or rather – given the perishable aspects of fame – dairy products.
    I like a shop where I can chat with the people, where they get to know my tastes and offer suggestions.

  2. Waterstone’s used to be very good here but the chain was bought by HMV and blanded out. They encouraged staff to make personal recommendations and had a real variety of stock on display. Amazon is convenient but it lacks the random factor you get in a physical place and–important for me when buying art and design books–you can’t leaf through an expensive book to see if it’s worth buying. Their “search inside” facility only covers a few titles on their US site.

  3. Amazon – or FNAC – or other on line stores are only good if you already KNOW what you are looking for and why.

    I have seen a Sartorio Monography at the bookshop of Scuderie del Quirinale, but leafing through it I was disappointed to see that almost half of the book was text, so I did not get it. Whereas I might have if I had seen it on-line and had not been able to assess that my personal requirements for monographies (1/4 text – 3/4 pictures of good quality) were met.

  4. There’s a couple of publishers you can trust with art books, the mighty Thames and Hudson for a start. Taschen are good as well. Beyond that you want to see what you’re buying first.

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