Lenin Rising


More monumental relics from the former Soviet Union. In March last year I posted some pictures from a film by Takehiko Nagakura who used CGI to show how St Petersburg would look if Vladimir Tatlin’s enormous Monument to the Third International had been built. Architectural megalomania didn’t abate with the collapse of that project and Stalin had his own plans for a number of vast buildings and monuments, including this colossal statue (or is it a building?) of Lenin intended to tower over Moscow.


These pictures come courtesy of Englishrussia.com. You can also see there a collection of (uncredited) pictures like the one above which follow Nagakura’s example and show how the Moscow of today would look had this structure been built. There’s also this strangely antique design for another vast Lenin memorial, which looks like Hugh Ferriss by way of ancient Egypt, and dizzying pictures from the top of the very large (62m tall) and very real ‘Mother Motherland’ monument in Kiev.

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  1. English Russia pilfer other sites then omit attribution or links (thus ensuring exclusive traffic if it’s get posted elsewhere). I saw a collection of images re: Lenin via dirty.ru and I seem to recall it comes from an LJ page from a week or more ago. Of course without the link it’s hard to track it backwards. I called them (E.R.) on it a couple of times and after attempting appeasement the first time they have since deleted my comments citing the origins. There’s a bit of a growing band of these sort of ‘jag and own’ sites…eg. shorpy. Someone at Mefi posted a list of them recently.

    whining? Moi? I’m just looking for the bar.

  2. Yeah, I got that impression myself since the Lenin picture has an url on it. And there’s a lot of “someone did this” in their descriptions.

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