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Archive for March 24th, 2007


Freddie Francis, 1917–2007


Pamela Franklin, Deborah Kerr and Martin Stephens: The Innocents (1961). Freddie Francis, who died last week, was a great cinematographer, and (although he may not have wanted to be remembered for it) a not-so-great director of low budget horror films. His photography on Sons and Lovers (1960) and Glory (1989) won him Academy Awards, and […]

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The art of Félicien Rops, 1833–1898


Pornokrates (1878). After Mr Peacay’s comments regarding Félicien Rops I thought it time to devote a post to this impious artist. Rops, a Belgian working in Paris, is curious even by the standards of the disparate group who comprised the Symbolists and with whom he had some connections. Whereas many artists of the time might […]

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