10 thoughts on “Calligraphy by Mouneer Al-Shaárani”

  1. One of his pieces was used to promote that Word into Art exhibition linked above but I don’t think I’d been to his site before.

    I love Arabic calligraphy but I think the French are more familiar with it due to the colonial heritage. Massoudy has a very different style, more like the looser Japanese work.

  2. Massoudy was put in the public eye a few ( years ago because writer Michel Tournier featured him in one of his novels (La Goutte d’Or, I think – 17 years ago !) and wrote some nice critique of Massoudy’s work.

    Loads of examples of calligraphy can be found at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.
    If you have not yet visited it, may I suggest you add this incredible place – designed by architect Jean Nouvel – on your list for a next visit ?

  3. Okay, Ibrahim, you’ve proved you can complain (putting similar comments on my other posts). Why don’t you leave a link to what you think are good examples instead?

  4. Well Ibrahim, it’s like this…

    I welcome comments and opinions from people, obviously, and people are welcome to disagree with my choice or opinion if that disagreement is expressed in a civil manner. But jumping into a number of different posts with the same comment “This is bad” amounts to what we call being a troll. It’s as ignorant and discourteous as my walking into your home and immediately complaining about the decor. Furthermore, since you’re obviously an adult, I shouldn’t be having to explain any of this to you at all. Thanks for the link to your site but I’ve no wish to discuss the matter further.

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