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Archive for February 20th, 2007


Kropotkin in TIME

Kropotkin in TIME. Open-source anarchism.

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Defend Dave Reeves!


From the latest Arthur email bulletin: DON’T FREAK OUT BUT… Something stupid happened to Arthur magazine “Do the Math” columnist/motorcyclist/writer/ “Defend Brooklyn” creator Dave Reeves late last year in Burbank and now he’s being tickled by the Burbank D.A. for fines, probation and even a jailing on some bogus-on-their-face criminal charges. Call it weird, call […]

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Hey kids! It’s cool to be gay!

Hey kids! It’s cool to be gay! Right on. QBoy lends a hand.

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Cubist Cthulhu


Well maybe it isn’t, but the phrase occurred to me a few days ago so I thought I’d try some sketching and see what emerged. In one interpretation of The Call of Cthulhu it’s conceivable that Lovecraft intended his abomination to look like this, given the description of R’lyeh in the story: Without knowing what […]

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“feed your head”