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Left: Ondina (2005). Right: Pinguish (2003). Artworks by Walmor Corrêa. Previously on { feuilleton } • Insect Lab • The art of Jessica Joslin • The Museum of Fantastic Specimens

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Raw Deal


John Ireland and Marsha Hunt in Raw Deal (1948). Yes, there was another decade besides the ’70s when Hollywood made films with downbeat endings. The NYT manages to write about Raw Deal without mentioning its director, the great Anthony Mann. Never mind, at least they credited John Alton. Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, Nights […]

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The Decorative Age


Continuing the George Barbier theme from the Nijinsky post, his work reminded me I’d had Artdecoblog bookmarked for some time. Searching there turned up some more of his pictures including this mythological scene done in his post-Beardsley style. The men in the picture below are hilariously effete for rugby players, they look more like a […]

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