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Archive for September 2nd, 2006


Karel Plicka’s views of Prague


Bridge Street, from Prague in Pictures (1940). A shame there isn’t more of Plicka’s atmospheric photography on the web, his views of Prague present the city the way we usually imagine it from the stories of Kafka and Gustav Meyrinck. This site features a very small selection from the 220 plates that comprise his Prague […]

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Eugen Bauder


Eugen Bauder photographed by Jean-Philippe Guillemain.

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The art of Nicholas Kalmakoff, 1873–1955


Astarte (1926). Kalmakoff’s beautiful paintings turn up most often (if at all) in collections of Symbolist art although most of his work comes after the Symbolist period which was pretty much killed off by the revelations of Cubism. Like Harry Clarke, Kalmakoff is one of those artists who evidently felt that the aesthetics of the […]

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