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Archive for May 6th, 2006


New work out this month


I designed these two very different covers last year (with some slight tweaking later). Books always take a while to reach publication, however, so both titles have ended up appearing in the same month. I was particularly pleased to be involved with the Donald Cammell book as this is the first substantial biography of the […]

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UFO technology


The Avrocar BBC News enters the twilight zone interviewing hacker Gary McKinnon who is currently facing extradiction to the US for hacking NASA and US military computers. McKinnon claims to have discovered evidence of secret UFO technology and says this is justification for his activities. If true this would make him a kind of X-Files […]

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Mushrooms on the Moon


Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902), directed by Georges Méliès and loosely inspired by the works of Jules Verne and HG Wells. Hard to believe this inventive little film is now over a hundred years old. Méliès made over 500 shorts like this, many of them just as clever and beguiling.

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