Tamotsu Yato’s men with katanas


Unidentified model from Otoko (1972).

Two photos by Tamotsu Yato (c. 1928–1973), a pioneer of homoerotic photography in Japan who published his work in three collections: Young Samurai: Bodybuilders of Japan (1967), Naked festival: A Photo-Essay (1969), and Otoko: Photo-Studies of the Young Japanese Male (1972). Yukio Mishima introduced the first two volumes, and also appeared in the first posing with a sword. The third book was dedicated to Mishima’s memory. This site has a selection from each of the books while Richard Hawkins’ site has a fascinating overview of the photographer’s life and work. Via Form is Void.


Yukio Mishima from Young Samurai: Bodybuilders of Japan (1967).

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