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Belator (2013) by Christiane Vleugels.

With this series about the Flandrin pose being the oldest on the blog—the initial post was Feb 16, 2006—the whole thing has gradually evolved from a diverting observation to the unearthing of a trend that runs deeper and further than I expected.

Christiane Vleugels is a Belgian artist with a hyperrealist style. Siegfried Zademack has a painting style closer to Salvador Dalí, here putting Flandrin’s Classical figure onto the pillar of Saint Simeon Stylites. One of Philip Gladstone’s paintings was the subject of an earlier post, and some of his other drawings might be considered Flandrinesque. They show that you don’t have to render every last hair and shadow in order to make an impression.


Saint Simon on the Pillar (after Flandrin) (1988) by Siegfried Zademack.


Untitled (seated male nude in the Flandrin pose) (2011) by Philip Gladstone.

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