Tokyo Night and Light


The twin towers of Kenzo Tange’s Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1 are a good example of how you can create a stylish office building that isn’t another featureless glass box or one of the eyesores currently spoiling the London skyline. I like Tange’s building, and I really like projection mapping so once again I’m jealous of the inhabitants of Tokyo who can see the two things combined in Tokyo Night and Light, an exhibition which will be running from now until April. At weekends the towers of Building No. 1 become the canvas for Tokyo Concerto, an orchestral concert which accompanies projections that range through the city’s history; on weekdays the building is lit by Evolution/Lunar Cycle, which takes advantage of the printed-circuit appearance of Tange’s facades.


YouTube has been accumulating videos of all of this. The best one I’ve seen so far is this 4K look at the Evolution/Lunar Cycle sequence. The first concerto performance took place on a wet weekend so the coverage isn’t as good (here, for example) but this will no doubt improve over the coming weeks. (Via Spoon & Tamago.)

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