Man is the Animal, issue two


Postcard not included.

In the post this week, the second issue of the Coil zine, Man is the Animal. 64 pages of esoteric exploration, plus a portrait of everyone’s favourite Elizabethan magus, Dr John Dee.

A Slip (or a Jump) In Beverley Road by Nick Soulsby
Letter to the Esoteric Order of Dagon by John Balance
Towards a Magickal Appreciation of Coil by Patrick Weir
Agapanthus: Four Poems for John Balance by Jeremy Reed
The Chaosphere by Stephen Sennitt
Shakespeare, Jarman, Coil: A Conversation by Cormac Pentecost
Everything Keeps Dissolving by Sheer Zed

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Man is the Animal: A Coil Zine

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  1. Strangely enough, I was just thinking of Dr. Dee, especially the illustration of (allegedly) him and Edward Kelley summoning a spirit in a churchyard; and, incidentally, I, too, have that postcard of the Elizabethan magician.

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