Into the Vortex


I’m surprised this has managed to evade my attention for the past eight years but better late than never. Into the Vortex is an hour-long music mix by Radio Soulwax whose visuals are one answer to the question of how best to illustrate a diverse playlist, if illustrate you must. The solution, directed by Wim Reygaert, is to recreate with sets, props and a cast of performers every single cover from every record in the mix, with each cover recreation lasting the duration of the piece. Many of the recreations are simple affairs using paint and cardboard but the time and effort involved still boggles the mind. No surprise that the Radio Soulwax motto is “Why do things the easy way?”


The best part for this viewer and listener is that much of the music is drawn from very familiar albums: German electronica or Kosmische music, its French equivalents, and so on. It’s a lot more satisfying (and surprising) seeing the alien head from Interface by Heldon being recreated instead of yet another Beatles cover design. On the musical side, one of the users at Discogs very conveniently put together an almost complete listing of the mix, together with links to the records. Collect the set.


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