Butcher’s Hook, a film by Simon Pummell


“Butcher’s hook” is Cockney rhyming slang for “look”, something alluded to in this short and wordless blend of live action and animation. But it also has a more sinister connotation when the fate of the taxidermist becomes apparent. As with Pummell’s earlier Secret Joy of Falling Angels, animal skeletons and silhouettes predominate. The film was co-written by novelist Simon Ings while the sound is by regular Quay Brothers collaborator Larry Sider.

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Secret Joy of Falling Angels, a film by Simon Pummell

One thought on “Butcher’s Hook, a film by Simon Pummell”

  1. That’s pretty great. Not spooky genius like, say, the Quay Bros at their best, but it would have made one hell of a cool video for a Nineties iindustrial band like Ministry or Skinny Puppy.

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