The art of Mel Odom


Boys Kiss 2 (2007).

The gay artists archive has for a long time been the most popular part of this site, that page proving twice as popular as the next post down. In which case I feel I ought to try and add to its contents a bit more frequently…

Mel Odom is an American artist who since the late 1970s has been highly-regarded as a book and magazine illustrator. (JVS Publishing has more about this side of his output.) For the purposes of this post there’s male nudity and some homoerotica, of course, in that Art Deco-ish Tamara de Lempicka style that was very popular in the 1980s. For the time being, this site seems to have the best selection of his paintings and drawings. If you need more then Flickr is one place to go searching.

3 thoughts on “The art of Mel Odom”

  1. Heh, yes, I noticed the dolls, but didn’t follow any links. Reminds me of Todd Haynes and his Barbies.

  2. I happen to have this very drawing by Mel Odom for sale, if you (or indeed anyone else) is interested. I may be contacted at robert at ggestate dot com .

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