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  1. The visual effects for THE FOUNTAIN were very striking. I wish the rest of the movie had lived up to them although I liked the movie a lot better than most of the critics.

    John your post and the links you provided reminded me of a great exhibition called VISUAL MUSIC I saw here in DC back in 2005 at the Hirshhorn Museum. http://www.hirshhorn.si.edu/visualmusic/index.html
    I had never heard of Thomas Wilfred or Jordan Belson so I was completely blown away. Belson had produced a piece for the exhibition entitled “Epilogue” which is on the DVD that is available from the CFVM. The site at the link has some video of the color organ and small stills from the exhibition.

    If I had been in charge of the remake of SOLARIS I would have approached Belson for those amazing watery cloudy effects.

  2. I’ve not seen The Fountain but I’m very familiar with Jordan Belson’s work via the DVD you mention. I agree he would have been good for Solaris, not least because he’d already provided effects for Demon Seed and The Right Stuff. Not sure his effects would have saved Soderbergh’s film, however, it was one I didn’t enjoy at all.

  3. The Fountain and The Tree of Life are two films that are definitely worth viewing. They may be flawed, but they’re so unlike most of what’s out there that you’ll find them of some value.

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