Dead roads


Canon de Chelly — Navaho (1904) by Edward Sheriff Curtis.

A few pictures from the substantial Flickr collection belonging to San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts. Many of these are views of the western states of the USA from a time when photographers were documenting the vanishing world of Native American tribes. A couple of pictures in the series by Edward Sheriff Curtis would work as cover illustrations for Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, while the results of a gunshot injury below is the kind of thing you never see in Westerns.


Untitled (1910) by Richard Throssel.

And speaking of McCarthy’s baleful masterpiece, William Gibson recently recounted his first experience of reading the book on a journey to Berlin. “I awoke from it as from some terribly potent dream, and found myself, quite unexpectedly, in a strange city,” he says. Read the rest here.

Photo tip via Beautiful Century.


Distortion of Left Lower Extremity after Gunshot Injury, November 30, 1865.

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