Hothouse panoramas


Kew Gardens, London, by Davide Cornacchini.

I would have done this earlier if I hadn’t been distracted. Favourite panorama site 360 Cities doesn’t have any views of the Laeken greenhouses but they do have a view of a capacious interior of the Palm House at Kew Gardens, London. And as a follow-up to the post about the Schönbrunn Palm House, panorama photographer Bernhard Vogl shows us several views of that distinctive building, inside and out.


Schönbrunn Palm House, Vienna, by Bernhard Vogl.


Schönbrunn Palm House, Vienna, by Bernhard Vogl.

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  1. Yes, greenhouses in space. I haven’t seen that for years. I recall enjoying it apart from the ill-advised Joan Baez moment.

  2. Brainstorm was a lot more interesting than Silent Running, albeit still flawed. The whole idea of recording someone’s moment of death promised a lot then didn’t really deliver. But he got some good actors for it.

  3. Quote
    After nearly thirty years away from Hollywood, Trumbull contributed to special effects work on Terence Malick’s upcoming film, “The Tree of Life.” Reportedly Malick, a Trumbull fan, approached him about the effects work and mentioned that he didn’t like the look of computer-generated effects. Reportedly Trumbull asked Malick “Why not do it the way we did it on 2001?”

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