A Shameless Longing by Josh Quigley


Cody and Zach (2008) by Josh Quigley.

I’m still besieged by work this week so here’s another quick post. Arriving in today’s inbox was a notification of an opening at the Michael Mazzeo gallery, NYC, for A Shameless Longing, an exhibition of Josh Quigley’s narrative photographs. The reception is next Thursday, November 18, and there’s a set of his prints to view here, about which the artist says:

The two themes running parallel within my work are that of the domestic family, and the awkward depiction of sexuality and desire within this same environment.

While we’re on the subject of two guys kissing, a post I made on a whim in 2007 continues to be a popular result in Google searches with the consequence that it’s gained a trail of funny comments. Let’s talk about sexy !!

2 thoughts on “A Shameless Longing by Josh Quigley”

  1. I hope all those uranian enthusiasts spent time looking around the rest of your blog.

    I continue to get a wealth of page views for the one post I ever made about my appreciation of Lady Gaga’s costumes. Also, posts that mention Goldfrapp.

    Then again, it was through a search for “gay+art+nouveau” that I first found my way here. Hooray for a free internet. And for man sex.

  2. It seems that some people look around once they’ve arrived here. The gay artists archive is still one of the most popular pages, as is this one for some reason.

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