Jack Rose, 1971–2009


It was a shock this weekend to hear of the sudden death (heart attack, apparently) of American guitarist Jack Rose. I think I saw him perform four times in all, the first occasion being at Spaceland in Los Angeles, 2005, where I snapped this photo which I used for a poster design when he played in Manchester a few months later. His shimmering extemporisations on blues and folk themes that evening were simply stunning and I rushed to buy his Kensington Blues CD as soon as he’d finished. There’s no need to attempt futile descriptions of his talent when you can go to YouTube and discover it for yourself. He was only 38. A great loss to family, friends and music.


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One thought on “Jack Rose, 1971–2009”

  1. Still hard to think about.

    I moved to DC in 1998 and I’m remembering the first time I saw Pelt and the last time I saw Jack.

    I’m 50 years old and I thought I’d be enjoying his talent for a long time to come.

    John I’m glad you knew his work and admire the work you did for him.

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