11 thoughts on “Flourishes”

  1. Do you have this pic in a bigger size? I want to get a tat of it on my back, My Last name is Madrid so it’s perfect for me! Madrid is the capital of Spain by the way.

  2. Thanks John!
    The size you found is bigger than I expected, it’s perfect though.
    Is there anywhere else I can find these letters though?

  3. This looks to me like a unique piece and I certainly haven’t seen any similar examples online. There are many calligraphy books around although few feature examples as extravagant as this. I think you’d need to contact a museum or find a museum catalogue.

  4. This is something that Master Penmans Michael Sull and Jake Weidmann would be able to create with ease!

  5. I would like to know what collection this image is part of and the name and date of the artist, it doesn’t look like paul franck, but looks penn-german? can anyone help.

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