Another lazy meme post

avatar.jpgYes, I know it’s simply promotion for a movie you’ve already heard more than enough about…so sue me.

This actually came out looking more accurate than I expected since some smart Flash programming allows for a fair amount of variation. And having a monotonous wardrobe probably helps in my case. In fact the Simpsonizer on the Simpsons movie site makes you realise how much variety there is in the Simpsons character palette even though it follows the relatively narrow range of Matt Groening’s cartoon style. My only gripe was being limited to t-shirt wear since I rarely show off my skinny arms. I also pushed the hair back a bit in Photoshop.

Alan Moore is due to appear in the TV show in October along with Art Spiegelman and Dan Clowes. We don’t know yet how they’ve drawn the Magus of Northampton but people have been speculating.

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