2 thoughts on “The evil of weblog comment spam”

  1. Spam!
    …just kidding, I’ve been hit lately with spam posts on a daily bases (I use wordpress too), and I did two things to fight it:
    1. Any post that inculde ” … ” is hold for moderation (I noteced the pattern in the spam), that stoped like 90% of them, but I still have to delete posts on a daily bases.
    2. I added a simple “write kitty24H here” box. A little hack in the code that would let me put the word I want and if its not entered, it dosnt allow the post.

    ….Anyway, yes, spam posts are evil

  2. I did have a captcha thing going for a while but it did silly things with the Ajax comments function of K2 so sometimes would stop people (me included!) from commenting. So I disabled that and now I use Spam Karma 2 which has a few more features than Akismet. The only trouble with spam filters is they sometimes catch genuine posts but I suppose that’s the price we have to pay for now.

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