4 thoughts on “It’s all over for homophobia”

  1. Well, it’s a start but since I got subjected to massive anti-one sex marriage propaganda last Saturday (Rome is littered with posters on the subject from Alleanza Nazionale), I am far from being that optimistic…

  2. Ah yes, Catholic dogma on the march again…. The Pope also made some proclamation this week that same-sex marriage can’t ever be considered right by the Catholic church. Oh the irony of a celibate man telling people what to do with their sex lives.

    The story about schoolkids is more encouraging because studies demonstrate that homophobia is a learned behaviour. Small children aren’t homophobic, they learn that from parents and people older than themselves. This is one way of changing that.

  3. Ironic because the leaders of the Alleanza that lead the campaing are far from being examples of their own so-called socially acceptable behaviour.
    Ironic also because of the rumours of attraction (or more) between Benedetto and his secretary (completely understandable, the chap is quite a sight) – or maybe that is what is behind so much fire and brimstone on the part of the pope ?

    And, on another unrelated note, happy belated birthday (hint from Eddie Campbell).

  4. Regarding the Pope’s attractions, some of the claims in this article were quite surprising:


    Or maybe not, since it’s well known but rarely acknowledged that a large proportion of men in European seminaries studying to be priests are gay. The all-male atmosphere is presumably attractive and the Catholic church has all that drama and dressing-up to enjoy.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes!

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