All the President’s (gay) men

Well, two of them at least. Okay, so we don’t know for sure that meth-curious Pastor Ted is a bona fide Friend of Dorothy but, you know… Is it at all usual for evangelical gay-bashers to receive massages from gay escorts? I don’t remember the nuns telling me about that part of the Bible so Pastor Ted leaves us to connect the dots.


Teen-botherer Mark Foley to the right of The Decider. To the left is FEMA director Michael “heckuva job Brownie” Brown who botched the rescue of New Orleans post-Katrina. With friends like these…


…and these… If the President needs any crystal meth (and given the polls for Tuesday’s election, he might require some stimulants soon), he knows who to ask.

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One thought on “All the President’s (gay) men”

  1. Oh face it, its ingrained (posture of) homophobia aside, the Bush Administration is the most demonstrably homo-erotic regime since Sparta.

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