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  1. Good morning, congratulations for the elegant layout of your Feuilleton blog.
    Regarding the beautiful photo of Borges you published in this page, I would appreciate if you add the credit to the famous photographer, Pepe (José María) Fernández. He was a friend of J L Borges and of his unique intimate long life companion Adolfito Bioy Casares (who appears on this film) (the only lasting relationship of Borges together with his Mother who also appears in this film). Pepe Fernández, excellent pianist as well, was also a good friend of ours. In our web you could read a July excellent obituary (he died in Paris the 14th July last) by Alicia Dojovne Ortiz. (we published another excellent article of hers about the “strange couple” made between Silvina Ocampo and Bioy, with not a single sexual relationship between them like Dali and Gala or Borges and his putative widows. Like Virgina Wolf they were people of a quite bygone Victorian age regarding private life.)
    Borges acknowledge that all literature is autobiographical, for that reason is very important not to falsify the Eros driven his life and work. In his opinion, shared his admired Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare works have suffered from the falsification of his life by the Puritans who not happy with burning his Globe theatre in London had also to invented a ?Dark Lady? for a Muse instead of his beloved young actor Will Hughes, in order to accommodate his not puritan ?marriage of true minds? to their strict heterosexual standards. In this respect, it is significant to notice that the photo of Borges you published here, is taken in the hall of the Parisian Hotel were Wilde died after he had to take refuge in Paris for his homosexual outing, trail and condemnation in Puritan or Victorian England. Borges follow in his footsteps wanting to rest in the same room that Wilde did for the reasons know to those few who want to know.

    To any person interested in Borges works and real life, I invite to visit our website and the four entities created to celebrate his works as a shortcut to the best of Literature and Philosophy.

    Cordial wishes and thanks for your consideration


    web: http://FriendsofBorges.net

  2. Hi and thanks for your comments. The photo was a screen grab from the film so I didn’t know who the photographer was originally. Nice knowing that it was taken at Wilde’s hotel in Paris, this reinforces the connection made through Borges’ writings about Wilde.

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