Michelangelo revisited


In order to coincide with the British Museum’s exhibition of Michelangelo drawings, the current edition of Gay Times tries to imitate some of the more famous works in their main photo spread. What’s interesting about these pictures is seeing how much they lack the compelling dynamics of the artist at his best. Maybe this is down to the photography and lighting, perhaps somebody like Dylan Ricci would have done a better job. I prefer to think that this has more to do with the Oscar Wilde principle of nature struggling to imitate art.

The Malcontent has more of the photos here.

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3 thoughts on “Michelangelo revisited”

  1. thats really cool but you shoould move your light source just slightly behind the guy to bring the shadow more near his abdomen

  2. HaHaHa…. this is really coool, however, his willy is’nt seen :( No Doubt the Guy in this Picture is Sexy…

  3. Comme j’aurais aimé faire ces reproduction moderne des fresques gays de la chapelle sixtine peint par un peintre qui refuser son homosexualité et qui pourtant y goûta de très prêt-J’aurais aimé être un grand photographe mais j’en est ni les moyens financier ni la connaissance technique juste un amateur de belle photo comme celle-ci

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