Robert Fripp and the League of Gentlemen


An album released on EG Records (in the UK) in 1981.
Still unavailable in its original form on CD.

The League of Gentlemen began rehearsing on March 19th in a 14th century lodge just outside Wimborne.
The personnel were:
Barry Andrews: organ
Robert Fripp: guitar
Sara Lee: bass guitar
Johnny Toobad: drums.
Our first commitment to work together covered the period March 19th to July 22nd, the second September 8th to September 24th and the third November 10th to December 4th. Johnny Toobad left on November 22nd and Kevin Wilkinson replaced him. On this album KW plays on all but Heptaparaparshinokh and Dislocated. The team played 77 gigs.


Side I

Side II

Studio: Amy’s Shack, Parkstone, Dorset
Engineer: Tony Arnold
Photo of the League taken at Gramercy Park,
New York, during July 1980 by Marjori.
Front cover by Danielle Dax.
Cover glue Rob O’Connor.
Hamsprachtmuzic on “Minor Man” by Danielle Dax,
courtesy of the Lemon Kittens.
Extracts from the Sherborne House talks by
J.G. Bennett courtesy of Elizabeth Bennett,
available from Claymont Communications,
P0 Box 112, Charlestown, West Virginia 25414
Strategic Interaction: Paddy Spinks
Indiscretions compiled by Robert Fripp
Produced by Robert Fripp

5 thoughts on “Robert Fripp and the League of Gentlemen”

  1. I’ve had this one, alongside other Fripp’s albums from the 70’s, in LP, but made a CD copy of my own of them.
    Fripp (and Eno) are very important for the development of electronic music during the 80’s and 90’s, NO PUSSYFOOTING and EVENING STAR are still hallmarks in the field, I believe.
    I think Fripp’s solo efforts are more congruent to his personae than King Crimson’s works, especially of late.

  2. Dear Marcio Salerno,

    It is just GREAT that you made a CD copy of The League of Gentlemen.
    I was fortunate enough to listen to the LP back in 1982 (in Russia, yes!), even made a tape-recording of it, but later it was lost somehow. Some six or seven years ago I managed to find another LP and tape-record it (couldn’t afford to buy it), and again, later the tape was lost.
    Just two days ago I found an mp3 site with the album recording from the LP(!), not a very good quality, with lots of noises, but still… I wasted no time and downloaded it.
    I would be happy to hear from a Fripp fan (and perhaps share some stuff).

  3. I wonder if it would be possible to get an mp3 or flac copy of this CD. I’ve looked for a CD of this for ages (I love “Cognitive dissonance,” and traced its ‘lyrics’ to this page: The problem with the “God Save the King” collection is that these texts were omitted, and without them, the music seems to be incomplete. Thanks.

  4. The words spoken by J.G. Bennett on the original 1981 version of Cognitive Dissonance are from a lecture he gave in 1972 called “Concern for the Future”.

    The phrases (aka samples) used are:

    I am one small unit in a vast society.

    …change has always come from small minorities…

    …change can only be proportionate to the amount of force which is put into it.

    …forceful change can only be effectual and positive if there is an equal response to it.

    That is revolutionary and violent change can only be destructive.

    …even if an enormous force for change were at our disposal, we couldn’t use it suddenly or immediately without producing destruction.

    …revolutionary and violent change can only be destructive.

    …the really great changes have only come gradually.

    …only Ideas that really penetrate into people and for which they’re prepared to work and suffer – can change the future…

    The problem really begins with ourselves.*

    I must do something about it*

    And I don’t know how*

    *are from another Bennett speech I haven’t identified.

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