A Royal Family (Goliath Beetle) (2003) by Joianne Bittle.

More insect art. Entomologia is a group exhibition of art incorporating and inspired by insects, on view at Observatory, Brooklyn, NY, from February 26th to April 4th, 2010. There are fourteen artists involved but not all of them have websites showing the work one might expect to see there, unfortunately. The gallery will also host a series of events tied to the exhibition; more details here. Among the contributors is photographer Brian Riley whose chiaroscuro studies of male nudes have featured here previously.

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The art of Cuauhtémoc Rodríguez


Irradación from Microescenarios.


Triumbirato from Microescenarios.

Two of many striking digital works by Mexican artist Cuauhtémoc Rodríguez. The use of chiaroscuro always gets my attention and there’s plenty of that at work here, as in the example above. Via Bajo el Signo de Libra.

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