The art of Manfred Sillner


Über Regensburg (1979–82).

Manfred Sillner is a German artist whose work had eluded me until very recently when curiosity about a print on the cover of an obscure album impelled me to search for the person responsible. Happily, Sillner has a website (many contemporary painters let galleries do the web work) which gives a decent overview of his prints, drawings and hyper-detailed paintings. The picture above has a page of its own with a number of detailed views. I’m not always keen on the work of artists pursuing what many people would consider as late Surrealism, it’s easy to stray into whimsy with this anything-goes approach. Sillner avoids this for the most part, and I like the concentration on architecture. Some of the prints on his website are small reproductions but larger copies may be found elsewhere.


Die Kirche von Villers-la-Ville (1987).


Das Selbstportrait (1996–97).


Hinter Traumvorhängen (1977–82).

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  1. Yes, I have that one in a book about Surrealist art. I think it’s seen as a precursor in part because of the huge banner hanging in mid-air.

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