Splendor Solis revisited


1. The Arms of the Art

I have something of an obsession with the plates of the allegorical alchemical text known as the Splendor Solis, hence another post on the subject. This new entry is partly a bookmark for my own convenience, and also a pointer for those who keep arriving here searching for these images.

The plates this time are taken from this 1922 edition at the Internet Archive which presents pages from the copy at the British Library. The colours in the reprint are washed-out and have a reddish cast but that can be easily adjusted using image editing software. The British Library has photos of their pages online for comparison. The BL edition is fenced about with the usual copyright warnings whereas the Internet Archive version is a free download here.


2. Philosopher with Flask


3. The Knight on the Double Fountain


4. Solar King and Lunar Queen Meet

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