Robe dans le style Zeppelin, Berlin, vers 1930.

So after you’ve donned your very best Zeppelin dress (and grabbed a pair of binoculars)…


…you can head on over to the Zep Diner for lunch.


Try some of the Zeppelin Bread: it’s light as air!


Afterwards (if it’s not too early) you can relax with a martini prepared in a Hindenburg shaker


…whilst listening to Billy Murray singing a song about his (male) sweetheart, Come Take A Trip In My Airship, and browsing colour photographs of the Hindenberg interior.

(Thanks to Thom for starting the ball rolling with his new Paris/Berlin tumblr!)

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  1. I agree there’s something threatening about the Zeppelins, they were so big. Must have been terrifying when they started bombing cities during the First World War.

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