The art of Hyeyeol



Hyeyeol is the nom de l’art of a South Korean woman whose work was drawn to my attention by regular commenter Wiley (thanks!) and a suggestion that some of the homoerotic imagery is reminiscent of the elusive NoBeast. I agree, and feel there’s also a similarity to Takato Yamamoto in the blend of stylised decoration, bondage boys and Eros/Thanatos pairings. The Hyeyeol website has four gallery sections while more of her work can be seen at deviantART.


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3 thoughts on “The art of Hyeyeol”

  1. I agree very much with the comparison to Takato Yamamoto as well, whom your blog introduced me to originally (‘Rib of a Hermaphrodite’ is my favorite of his books if you’ve not already seen it), but it pains to say that Iike her stuff even more in general. Its too bad, because she isn’t as prolific as Yamamoto and it would be nice to have at least prints of her stuff available, let alone books. I don’t particularly want to ask her about this, she speaks enough English to leave news bulletins and the like, but she isn’t very fluent, I am worried I would offend her without intending to.

  2. Evan: Yes, possibly. At one time I would have said it was unlikely that many people had seen Spare’s work but images proliferate so much today that all manner of inspirations are possible.

    Wiley: I think I saw some prints for sale on her deviantART page.I would have thought if she’s selling work there then she’d be open to suggestions.

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