The art of Aquirax Uno


First Love Inferno (1968).

There’s very little web information available for Aquirax Uno, a Japanese artist active in the 1960s and 1970s who really ought to have a dedicated site. Much of his work seems to be poster art for cinema or product advertising, and, as usual on the web, what there is tends to get repeated a great deal. You can see more examples like these at Pink Tentacle, Ganymede Kids and Beautiful/Decay.


Keiko’s at Marubutsu Department Store (1967).

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7 thoughts on “The art of Aquirax Uno”

  1. I’ve always liked the way the Japanese take things thought to be more Western and doing them better; with more energy and creativity than many of the more well-known practitioners. Carrying the psychedelic theme into the realm of music, most of the more popular bands with a psychedelic sound could really stand to learn a thing or two from some of Japan’s answers to the medium like- Acid Mothers Temple.

  2. And ripped off by the Black Crowes :

    Japanese psychedelia is often interesting, even if (because of?) its cargo cult like status.You could draw paralells with British Psych too : both island nations steeped in history, both with imperial/military pasts ripe for sending up,both with vibrant pop cultures and both reinterpreting psychedelia through a distorting prism rather than copying American West Coast models.
    I must say i love these pictures – id encountered Unos work before but not really looked into it – theres something really exciting about the Beardsleyesque linework. And they are so dark too – no love and peace here!
    I know i always say this, but : SOMEONE SHOULD DO A BOOK !
    I want to own it !

  3. Yeah, it seems to be difficult to find elsewhere, there’s nothing listed on Abebooks, for example.

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