Four today


Good things come in fours: the mighty Kraftwerk performing Numbers on the Minimum-Maximum DVD (2005).

Yes, the day between Darwin Day and St. Valentine’s Day is this blog’s birthday. I continue to be surprised that I’ve kept this going for so long since I never managed to keep a diary. Doing work that chains you to a computer is a help, although the past year was so busy that many entries were little more than picture posts. 2009 saw this site receiving more traffic than ever with the result that the server resources are now regularly overloaded for a couple of hours each day. I’ve been intending to move to a new webhost for a while but doing so is a time-consuming and technically complex business over which the current hectic workload continues to take priority.

The three most popular posts of the last twelve months were the following:

The gay artists archive. Always a popular page but now it’s the most popular destination by a long margin, helped by continual visits from Stumbleupon users.

Psychedelic Wonderland: the 2010 calendar. Links on Boing Boing, Trendhunter and elsewhere helped make this year’s calendar a big success. My thanks again to everyone who bought a copy, I’ll be doing a Through the Looking-Glass follow-up in September.

Alan Moore interview, 1988. Another Stumbleupon hit, this magazine interview was one of my earliest posts and it remains curiously popular, more so than the very long Watchmen round table discussion which followed.

As always, thanks for reading and for all your comments!

John x

9 thoughts on “Four today”

  1. Im not suprised you get such a huge amount of traffic – you have an amazing blog. Since discovering it about 3 years ago theres hardly a day gone by when i dont helps that we share alot of interests – psychedelia, sexuality, politics, horror, ect, but also because you write so beautifully.
    Its an incredible resource for information and for discovering new things – the amount of books ive bought after reading some of your posts is frightening – and its great to be reminded of things id forgotten or filed away.
    It amazes me how you keep it all up .Despite what you said about picture posts, the blog never seems slapdash or lazy – sometimes a bit of eye candy or a link is all you need .
    So, since i dont think ive said it before – thanks for a great blog.

  2. Hi John,

    Like everyone else I’m a daily visitor here. One of the best ‘jumping off point’ blogs I have on my list…



  3. Happy Birthday, oh beautiful blog and exquisite blogger. The world is better for having {feuilleton} in it. (And hooray for e-pals!) XO

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