Alexander McQueen, 1969–2010


“He was a Brothers Grimm of fashion, enchanting and captivating the audience with the most incredibly beautiful clothes, only to make their stomachs lurch with the underlying menace that shot through his work. Because every show contained outfits designed to thrill, shock – and catch the eye of picture editors – many people never realised that much of McQueen’s work was, quite simply, heart-stoppingly gorgeous: exquisite tailoring, beautifully sculpted dresses and glorious print.”
Jess Cartner-Morley. (More.)

Butterfly-print dresses (how fitting for Darwin Day), Giger-style shoe designs, skull key chains… Yes, Alexander McQueen was something special.

Guardian obituary | Independent obituary


2 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen, 1969–2010”

  1. Absolutely tragic. I have some of his ‘Kingdom’ fragrance sitting on my desk, the bottle/container for which is like an alien artefact – a kind of tripartite martian fruit or extraterrestrial owl. The world of fashion has suffered a grievous loss.

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